Chrono Bomb: Spy Actıon ın The Comfort of Your Home

How about some trip wires across the room so you can treat your home like a museum full of artifacts and yourself a spy? Oh, and time’s running out too!

Chrono Bomb, as the name suggests, wants you to defuse it before you run out of time and meanwhile you need to collect the mission cards as you cross the laser field. Packed with a time bomb, mission cards, clamps, a pretend “laser beam” string and a sensor, Chrono Bomb promises hours of excitement for ages 7 and up.  4 regular clamps and the reel clamp allow you to attach them to almost any furniture around the house. Next you need to attach the 28-feet string to the clamps and set up a web of laser rays. This is where you get creative. Door handles, chairs, book shelves and tables are perfect to attach the clamps. Since the clamps are equipped with springs, they should allow you to create quite complicated courses. The sensor is hardwired to the string and will detect the lightest touch and accelerate the clock ticking on the bomb.

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Once your laser field is set up, you can scatter the mission cards along your path, especially hard-to-reach places for an even harder course.

As your opponent activates the laser and starts the clock, take a deep breath and start your cat moves to avoid the beams and pick up the cards as you go along the course before your time runs out.  If you get caught by a laser beam, run for your life; the clock is ticking faster now! Now reach and defuse the bomb before it goes off! Race against time and against your friend for hours of fun.



Chrono Bomb by Dujardin is already a hit game in France has won the 2014 Toy of the Year award in the country in the Games of Skill category. Addressing creativity, problem solving, physical exercise, competition and balance, the game covers almost all skills at the recommended age range of kids, plus reduced screen time off their computers and tablets. Chrono Bomb is brought to the US by PATCH Products.




Atıl Aydoğan
İçerik Yöneticisi | Head of Content

​Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Matematik Mühendisliği mezunu. Discovery l​i​sansl​ı​ ​keşif oyuncakları, Haynes motor ​model kitleri, Wild Science, 4D Master, Make2Play marka​larının temsilciliğini yapan ​bir oyuncak firmasının sahibi.
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Eylül 2014 tarihinde "Toys", Oyuncakçılar Derneği (OYDER) tarafından satın alınarak sektörel içeriğe sahip, uluslararası fuarlara geniş yer veren ve daha fazla ilan sayfası olan "Toyder" isimli resmi dernek dergisi haline geldi.
Nisan 2017'ye dek OYDER'in resmi dergisi olan Toyder'i hazırlamakla ve yayın koordinatörlüğünü yapan Aydoğan, şimdilerde Oyuncaklar.TV'nin kurucusu ve yöneticisidir.

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​Aydogan was graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Mathematical Engineering. He owns a toy company which holds agency of brands such as Wild Science, 4D Master, Make2Play and Discovery licensed exploration and Haynes engine kits.
In November 2012, he stepped into toy-related publishing by establishing Toys magazine. By August 2014, Toys has become one of Turkey's most trusted toy publications with news, reviews, articles on popular products, new technologies and child safety.
In September 2014, Toys was acquired by the Turkish Toy Association (OYDER) and transformed into Toyder, the official publication of the association as well as a sectoral magazine which largely covers international exhibitions and more advertisements.

Atil Aydogan was the publishing coordinator of Toyder until April 2017 and currently, he is founder&manager of Oyuncaklar.TV website.

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