Clementoni My Robot Kit: Programmable Robot

From puzzles and science-themed kits to talking books, Italian toy company Clementoni offers kids with many educational products to choose from. The 2015 lineup of the company includes a programmable robot, named “My Robot Kit”, for children of age 8 and above.

With interchangeable parts, the 12×12” robot can be redesigned into many variants.


When fully assembled, this fellow can be programmed to pick up and carry small metal object thanks to its magnetized clamp, move past obstacles, even scribble simple drawings with a pen.

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On two AA batteries My Robot runs two electronically controlled motors and two LED lights for the eyes. A couple of buttons at its back allow you to program, define and record the actions you want it to perform in pre-designated sequence.

my-robot-clementoni-13915 (1)

The instruction manual included in the box, in addition to helping construct the kit, urges the kids to grow further interest in robotics by defining many basic electronic terms and grasp the ways of the scientific method.



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