Cool Circuits Junior: Brain wrinkles on a game board

There is only one possibility among hundreds to make the right path and close the circuit. But you’re already given the path. How hard could it be? Cool Circuits, Puzzle of the Year 2013.

The board itself couples as a drawer to keep things tidy.

The board itself couples as a drawer to keep things tidy.

Also created by Science Wiz, this Junior version is a little easier on the brain thanks to the 6 orange barriers included. There are 40 puzzle challenges and 8 fluorescent 3D puzzle pieces, a solution book and 3x AAA batteries which light the 5×5 dots board and play music each time you complete the puzzles. For ages 6 and up, Cool Circuits Junior of fers hours of head scratch.

40 puzzle cards are labelled according to difficulty levels.

40 puzzle cards are labelled according to difficulty levels.

Simply Put, Cool Circuits challenges you to solve the puzzles in the book using wrinkled pieces and barriers. As the pieces come together in the right order, they create a path to close the circuit (hence the name) and start a light show. Puzzle cards are tagged according to level of difficulty, so you can choose how much you want to be frustrated on that particular day. The principle is to flip, rotate and lay the fluorescent pieces on the board as –partially- shown on the card. At lower difficulty levels, there are cuts along the path, so you’ll know where a piece must end, and where the other must start but as you advance in the game and move to hi gher levels, you’re left alone with an uncut line and more missing shapes to guess.


Once you’ve correctly laid the path, use the remain ing pieces to fill the blank part and close it. You have to use all the pieces and close the loop but there are way too many combinations than you think and only one solution. But thanks to the orange barriers, you know where not to put the pieces, and this is your bonus for the “Junior” version. The board also functions as a drawer to keep the pieces and the cards in when you’re not playing.

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Cool Circuits won the Puzzle of the Year award in 2013 by Games Magazine, a rightfully earned one, since the game encourages children to perceive the shapes and alternatives. There is also a solution book included, but cheating is the last resort.

With a simple mechanism and only a few pieces, Cool Circuits Junior is definitely one of the best puzzles to keep you busy and improve your spatial skills.


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