Modarri: Car mechanics in a finger-size driver seat

With a real steering system, real suspension and tight turning radius, you can actually feel the road at your fingertips.


Thoughtfull Toys, a small company based in Santa Cruz, California, thought toys should be both durable and functional as well as appealing; and they came up with the concept of Modarri, a car that actually works like a real car and feels like a real car.

The Modarri series offers street, dirt and track models which can exchange parts among themselves. The task is both easy for little hands and fun to experiment. Each of the cars has a chassis, hood, fenders, frame, suspensions and seat. The hex tool that comes in the box will suffice to put them together.

 With more accessories and parts sold separately, there are practically no limits to your designs.

With more accessories and parts sold separately, there are practically no limits to your designs.



The basic module is the frame which you build all the other components on. The wheels and the suspension system are very much like those of a real car. Once you put the seat in place, you can ridethe car with your finger and feel it steering in realistic angles. But in order to complete the model,you will also have to put the body panels which are also interchangeable. Each model consists of at least 5 components to mount. With two fingers you can drift, spin, make your course, drive over and through obstacles and invent your own stunts. Plus, there are no limits if you have a 3D printer.

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Modarri cars are different from the competition in that they actually “feel” like driving and more importantly, offer an open ended play experience which was stressed by TIA as one of the rising trends this year.

Modarri cars are finger-driven but they feel and steer like the real thing.

Modarri cars are finger-driven but they feel and steer like the real thing.

For the creators, a toy that breaks is not only frustration for the owner, but also expensive for the purchaser and a waste for the environment, as well, so they built the Modarri line to withstand hours of play. The interchangeable parts also feel like a new toy everytime, so the value of the toy is evenmore:

“There are high quantities of “Throw Away” toys in the market place with closed play patterns. We have had success in creating beautiful toys that parents don’t mind having out for company, but also have strong open ended play value to help kids EXPLORE MORE. There is also a desire in the marketplace for durable toys, as parents tire of toys breaking too quickly. We will introduce our toysinto this slot.”

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