Pie Face: Pie Full of Slap

The unforgettable astonishment of slap after a tense wait and Russian roulette topped with cream, brought to you as PieFace by Hasbro!

PieFace is no different in terms of risk than a russian roulette game, albeit with no hazard except your dignity and a short perplex. As the name suggests, it’s an automated version of pie-throwing the with a twist.


Hasbro’s original Pie Face dates back as early as 1960’s.

For ages 5 and older, PieFace is designed to let the children mess up the table instead of everywhere else in the house. The pack contains a sponge, a spinner wheel, a chin rest, a face-in-hole mask and the parts of a mechanism carrying a hand-shaped lever and a couple of cranks that are rotaded manually, which randomly activates the lever and actually throws a handfull of cream right in your face.

PieFace takes no more than five minutes to assemble. You need to put together the cranks, the chin rest, face-in-the hole frame and the hand (smooth part facing towards you as you place your face through the cutout).

No escape from that handful of whipped cream.

No escape from that handful of whipped cream.

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Once you assemble the throwing mechanism, each player takes turns to spin the wheel and see how many times they need to rotate the handles. So if the wheel stops on, say, 4, you need to rotate the handles four times. If you are lucky enough to evade the splatting hand, next player will spin the wheel. At the X mark on the spinner, you lose your turn; if it stops at the other sign, the turn is reversed (which doesn’t mean much with only two people). Eventually someone is met with the tasty embrace of whipped cream, or if you’re short of it, the sponge. Add a little more excitement by dipping your sponge in a liquid of your choice.

The cut-out mask is designed to make anyone look innocent

The cut-out mask is designed to make anyone look innocent

It’s a simple system really, that causes stupid fun for hours on end. Hasbro has revived its half-century old original Pie Face toy in this new version (the original Pie Face game dates back as early as 60’s) with vivid colors by acquiring the manufacturing and distribution rights of the game from Rocket Games in early June this year.


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