Sick Bricks: Mobile Game With Real Figures

Renowned Canadian toy company Spin Master came up with a block-based mobile game where real plastic figures are beamed into the game as characters who break sweat to save the brick-built Sick City.

Sick City’s neighbourhood is threatened by the super-villain Overlord Omega and his minions. Citizens seek hope from the main character, Jack Justice and his friends to rid the bad lord out. The game is a free download on both iOS and Android app markets but the figures and vehicles are available in single, double, tri, five-packs or playsets in select stores. Mix’n-matching the figures you get practically infinite number of bizarre looking characters ranging from sumo wrestlers, robots, vampires or beasts whose powers boost as the game progresses.

Mix-match your plastic figures to create abominations that scare off even the bad guys!

Throughout the game your characters invade the hideouts of Overlord Omega and loot his bank accounts&belongings to repair the wrecks in the city. Hideouts are somewhat like mazes equipped with obstacles to give you hard time. Luckily enough you can beam your character back into the game (only once in a hideout) or beam a totem which is a combination of two characters and their powers. The figures are none your mom wants you to befriend- they’re sick! Their powers even include exhibiting bowel movements, vomiting, foul mouth, even stink! Occasionally there are ghost vehicles scattered around the city to help you with transportation, inter-dimensional travel, etc. If you’ve purchased a plastic version of a particular vehicle, you can beam it into the game and take a ride.

Beaming is quite simple. Take one plastic figure, lay it on a relatively simple background and the game interface will scan the figure to identify its character. When a figure gets too many hits, it will deactivate for a while. Power-beaming will revert your hero into the game in a snap.


Beam your plastic figures into the game and revive your heroes!

Spin Master was founded in 1994 by three college mates with only $10,000 investment. Right strategies led them to extend their award-winning toys to over 20 brands, among which are RC toys like AirHogs, voice-controlled pets like Zoomer, strategy games like Bakugan and another brick-based series, IONIX.



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