Skinny Sketcher Drawing Kits: World in a take-away coffee cup!

Stuffed in a paper cup you have everything to draw freehand like a pro: Instructions, tracing paper, even a mechanical pencil. Draw dinosaurs, famous buildings, vehicles, butterflies, flowers and much more. British architect Gillian Logan had a brilliant idea to show her son’s class what she does for a living and now she’s turned that idea into a fun toy.

Skinny Sketcher kits are perfect to learn detailed freehand drawing and they all give the children a perspective to understand and exercise the dynamics of things around us. When the take-away coffee cup itself is a curiosity, the contents are even more attractive for kids who are mostly interested in the grown-up world. The name “skinny” comes from the sugar-free skinny latte product you order from that world-famous coffee shop.

You have 6 kits to choose from, all of which help in drawing things around us:

The Clyde Auditorium in Scotland was inspired after an actual armadillo.The Architecture Drawing Kit: 6 famous look-alike buildings in the UK such as the Clyde Auditorium a.k.a “The Armadillo” in Scotland, London’s tallest building “The Shard”, Leadenhall a.k.a “The Cheese Grater” and the 30 St.Mary Axe financial building, “Gherkin”. The not-so-complicated but challenging instructions will help the children learn why those respective nicknames are given and appreciate their designs.


Butterflies and Blossoms: Sketch beautiful butterflies, cherry blossom, sunflower and a rose, complete with instructions, mechanical pencil and tracing papers.


Capture the Castle: A Scottish Castle, a bridge, a knight in his armour, a cannon, a princess (of course) and a coat of arms in their ancient glory.

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Never to be found around, you might as well sketch some

Dinosaurs: A T-Rex, triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Prontosaurus and others hard to spell. Never to be found around, you might as well sketch some.


The Fast and the Curious: Camper van, boat, helicopter, motorcycle, plane, tractor. Don’t you want to know how to draw vehicles around you?


London Flavour: Famous landmarks around London; The Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Queens Guard, Double Decker, even the red phone box.

Launched and licensed by Asobi, one of UK’s top wholesalers and distributors, Skinny Sketcher kits were invented and designed by an architect and a mother, Gillian Logan. Logan had been challenged for a show-and-tell day at her son’s school and found that the kids were more into crafts so she came up with an idea to combine architecture with crafts. The concept then matured into a full pack contained in a take-away coffee cup since the children are often eager to possess things from the grown up world, so the paper cup was had the ultimate attraction. Along the way Logan took support from the Toy&Game Inventors Workshop by the UK’s ToyNews magazine and worked with Asobi’s designers to bring the concept to perfection.

Gillian Logan

Gillian Logan


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